septembre 25, 2012

In the Mister Freedom Gunslinger Denim Jumper.
One month ago, I received this incredible item in "desert twill" version. It's a 100% selvedge cotton of 12.80z exclusively milled in limited quantities in Japan and made in California. I particularly love the cinch back and the A1 round collar on this jacket which comes in a beautiful cardboard box with an original artwork on it. Concerning the sizing, I know that a lot of potential customers are afraid to buy some stuff on online shops. When you buy at MF you don't have to worry at all, everything is explained... and if you have any doubts, John and Jordan will give you the best advices you can get.

It comes also in Indigo denim version.
The jacket comes raw, the fabric is un-sanforized and will shrink down to the tagged size after a wash.

Use cold water.

The denim twill version shrinks faster, 20 minutes is enough.

Very important: Use a mexican skull or a sea lion in porcelain to maintain the jacket under the water.

Dry it in the sun to finish and it will fit you perfectly.

4 commentaires:

  1. Nice looking jacket, dude.

  2. La section Lot-Et-Garonne de la Dépêche en parlait déjà en 2007!

  3. Sure the jacket is fantastic. But those hands are even more !