août 20, 2012

In Jean Roy and Jean-Pierre Pedrazzini, these two photographers from Paris Match who died almost at the same time.

Jean Roy was an adventurer, a rough-and-tumble guy who took pictures everywhere in the world, from Guatemala to Hollywood. He went to Egypt with the famous american photographer David Seymour who was one of the founder in 1947 with Capa, Bresson and Rodger of the Magnum agency. Jean Roy went to Egypt to cover the Suez Canal's war in 1956, he took a Jeep that he named BAL0024 for Balzac and drove into the "no man's land" near El Kantara without protection. He died with Seymour under the egyptian's machine guns.

Jean-Pierre Pedrazzini was called "The Angel". He really wanted to be a war photographer. So he went to Budapest to cover the insurrection against the soviets in 1956. He knew well the east of Europe and took impressive pictures but he didn't have any experiences of that kind of "war situation". He was shot on the field and died a few days after in the hospital in front of his last pictures.

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