juillet 02, 2012

In the forgotten french brand Souleiado. We saw as intended a lot hawaiian patterns this last year and I'm pretty sure the french "provençal" shirt will be back soon. Souleiado was born at the end of the 30'' and means "while the sun is breaking the clouds after the rain".
Here is a part of my collection of provençal's shirts.

This one was made in the 80'' by Atelier Provençal. A very small brand in south of France.
I really like the combination of the colors and the buttons.
Here is a try by Polo Ralph Lauren with a classic paisley.
This one is an old Souleiado, the colors are a bit faded and match perfectly with the red buttons.
As you can see the sizing is a bit particular.
Here is the same patterns in a different color. This is a classic.
Here is an other Souleiado with this pattern made with bull's head. Souleiado is very respected by the "guardians" in Provence, our french "cowboys".
Here is a Souleiado's fun shirt. Every parts are in different colors (the definition of the fun shirt), very hard to wear, only during Ferias, this typical party after the corrida.

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