mars 05, 2012

In this fleece crewneck available here.
Still in this kind of illustrations.
Near this pattern made by Lofgren and Heritage Research.
On this cardigan.
In these old buttons.
Surely inside this book.
On this tray meal.
In this bicolor loafer made by Church's.
In this collection.
On this kilim bag.
Near these creepers.
In this kind of leather.
Everywhere here.
In this funny type.
Under this beret.

2 commentaires:

  1. CdF, superbe.

    "I've been into fashion since birth. I grew up in the hood, and everybody in the hood wants to compensate for being in poverty, so they want to look good." AR.

  2. Nice line from Asap Rocky. Thanks mister Christy..

    Concerning Cdf, a special post about the "fake" trend is work in progress.