mars 29, 2012

I hope in this article that I did in Les Inrockuptibles about the enigma-flegmatic designer Mark McNairy.
I understood thanks to this interview why I'm always navigating between the love and hate concerning the clothes designed by McNairy.
Here is the short interview that I did with him during the last Capsule show in Paris where he presented his first Mark McNairy New Amsterdam women collection.

How do you feel about this new project ? Are you a bit anxious ?

I began my career by creating women wear so no not really.

This collection is strongly connected with your daughter Daisy ?

Why ? Did you work together on it ?

No, my daughter Daisy is my first fan, she always wants everything from my men’s collection so I decided to design pieces specially for women.

What kind of father are you ?

What kind of father am I ? I can’t tell you that… ask Daisy.

He takes his computer, writes her an email and asks me to write mine in it also. Here is her answer that I received a few hours after:

The best. If that doesn't suffice, you're encouraging, supportive and you let me do things on my own and think for myself, you trust me. You're fun and don't take everything too seriously. Daisy McNairy.

What’s your kind of woman ? Do you have any famous women in head ?

No sorry.

How do you see the girls who are going buy this collection ?

I really have no idea about it. Maybe girls like Daisy… I don’t know.

There’s always humor in your work and I can feel it again in this collection. Where does it come from ?

I think I just want to have… fun. I have no job, this is my hobby and I really feel lucky about living doing something that I love. When I listen to a journalist talking seriously to me about elegance and blablabla, this is bullshit. It’s just clothes !

But sometimes humor create a kind of aesthetic…

Yes I agree.

Your collections are very heterogeneous, how do you define this style ?

This is moderntraditionnalsmartcasualsportswear.

How do you explain this heterogeneity though ?

It’s because I design pieces. Men or women, I design pieces, that’s it. I don’t have a whole vision of the collection, it’s one thing after the other one and I mix it. I do this blindly.

Yes and it often sticks with trends. What is your relation with trends and what is your creation’s process ?

Yes that is true but I don’t care about trends, it comes naturally from everywhere. I never tried to follow it. I always start with the fabrics and it happen sometimes completely randomly.

He takes his computer again and shows me a picture about his last visit in Paris last october.

I visited a fabric because I looked for some floral patterns to decorate a model of shoes and I saw this…

The picture shows a kind of flashy hairy fabrics.

From this, I made the vests for the women collection, it started from here, just randomly…

Do you want to say something about this new project to finish ?

Mark’s thinking about it a while.

Mmmmmm… No.

Thanks mister McNasty for your time.

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