janvier 27, 2012

In a very simple pair of glasses.
In mister Langlitz Leather forever.
In "freak show" aesthetic.
In this series of pictures made by David Paul Larson with Lauren Young.
On the left not on the right.
In this color that you will see everywhere this year.
In military decoration.
Near all these guys, a long time ago.
In the writer Sylvain Tesson.

Inside this Lee Cowboy’s 1940s “Hair On Hide” Jeans

On this kind of floor as you already know.
Still in these pairs of Paraboot Michael.
Near these indigo dyed henley lovely made by Mister Freedom.
In the recent work of Aurel Schmidt.
On this beautiful handkerchief.

2 commentaires:

  1. I disagree! Both on the left and right in those beautiful girls.

    Have a nice weekend