juillet 23, 2011

In the beautiful last collection of Casely Hayford.
At the back of this Riva.
On his shoulders.
Behind this sunglasses.
In this very elegant bird.
In their hands.
In this cap that you can find on Urban Hunter.
In the Capitaine Haddock forever.
In this informations.
In the position of Mr Harrison.
On this rayon hawaian shirt.
In this incredible melton jacket made in the 30" by Wilson.
On her head.
Here, I don't know why.
In many songs of this album.

3 commentaires:

  1. Where is the cool, in the position or in "espadrilles" of Mr Harrison?

  2. Ahah, Espadrilles are too "fashion" to be cool but I quite like it.. Honnestly i like the combination of simple items on Harisson which is a really important guy. The contrast is perfect. but the thing I prefer is his hand on his belt ahah!

  3. Deeply, deeply Crap24 juillet 2011 à 22:04

    Yes; 'Living in the Material World' was a really important record. 'Give me love, give me love, give me peace on earth...',who could possibly oppose this statesmanlike solution to the ills of our modern world?