janvier 17, 2011

In cartoon's aesthetic from Disney or Looney Tunes, very used during the war.
On this Real Mc Coys chambray shirt with Felix the cat.
In this rare and expensive Omega Speedmaster with the Snoopy award, the highest honor of the Nasa.
In his double breast jacket and his glasses.
In all the Popeye stuff made by Supreme particularly in the M65 jacket.
On this dirty tee-shirt.
In the back of this Disney rain jacket available here.
In Mickey Mouse in every situations.
In the look of Bugs Bunny.
In this "noze arted" aviator jacket.
Between the hands of Felix the Cat.
In this Sylvester patch on the chest of this military jacket.
Under Donald Duck.
In the mouth and on the head of Popeye.
In this type.
In this simple drawing.
Everywhere on this pair of shoes.
On this plane of course.
Inside this beautiful dresser available here.
In the Mickey Mouse song march at the end of Full Metal jacket.

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