décembre 18, 2010

In this drawing made for Louis Vuitton.
In this ad for Loomis.
Inside this book.
On his protected nose.
In this shamrock.
In front of these cups.
In the combination of girls + tweed.
In this Osprey Argon 70.
Everywhere here.
Near this black dress.
On this Mister Freedom blue jeans Lot. 54.
In William Faulkner forever.
In these incredible Paraboot.
In these cable knits found on Enthusiasm Documented.
In this classic type.

4 commentaires:

  1. paraboot Michael × International Gallery BEAMS

  2. Not necessarily, this model was made a long time ago by Paraboot am I wrong?

  3. yep, that true, but with the fur and this lather, is a International Gallery BEAMS colaboration.
    i just said that for info ;)

  4. Sorry but the fur model is called "Michael Phoque" and it's an old french one...