décembre 01, 2010

In this brand called McNeal.
In this picture taken from Jacques Magasine.
On this blue box.
Not in these electronic watches.
In her mouth.
In this combination.
On this Powderhorn Mountaineering down vest.
Everywhere in this picture.
Near this hot pink Jpress Shaggy Dog.
In this illustration of Chewbacca.
On this jacket made by Mister Freedom.
Under this hat.
Inside this box.
Behind this rabbit.
In this documentary about linen.

3 commentaires:

  1. superbe photo pour "jacques magasine" et great "Mulholand Master" de l'ami Christophe… bel échantillon d'élégance masculine et de tendance néo-rétro !!!!

  2. the 3rd one is really cool very old style..

  3. ce n'est pas une Stan Smith mais une Robert Haillet