octobre 03, 2010

In this french brand : Paraboot.
In this pair of Paraboot Michael made for workers in 1945.
In these Michael with fur.
In their latex soles only made in France
by 200 craftsmen in La vallée de l'Isère.
In this Avoriaz model also.
In the color of these laces.
And finally in the classic Chambord model.
On these ones defnitely.

4 commentaires:

  1. Sorry, but I think these are hideous.
    Otherwise you've shown impeccable taste however.

  2. I had a pair of black suede Paraboot Michaels as a teenage skinhead in London in the mid-1980s. My French friend from the Nice branch of the FN introduced me to Paraboot.

  3. Yes Paraboot is THE shit now! Thanks Mr WITC!!!
    I'm sure we gonna see that in every blogs now!