août 02, 2010

Between the hands of Clark Gable.
On this ugly bed.
Behind this sailing boat scale model.
Everywhere on this picture.
In the work of Richard Mosse with infrared film kodak aerochrome.
On this tag.
Around his neck.
On this beautiful pillow.
Not in this Dunhill Ipad case.
In this beach bum.
In the last Camo collection.
On the fingers of Joaquin Phoenix.
In this incredible album called Forever Changes.
In this notebook.

2 commentaires:

  1. If you like Forever Changes I recommend listening to the album: Forever Changes Concert. It was released in 2003 after Arthur Lee got released from prison and went on a comeback tour and it's absolutely incredible to listen to - the man still had it almost 40 years on. I find the original album a blast to listen to when i'm stoned but this is even better... at the end of You Set The Scene Lee just lets out this yell of pure happiness. Powerful stuff.