mai 12, 2010

In this photo of Ellen Von Unwerth.
Near this dog.
In the shoes of Breaking Bad's hero.
In this really famous clockmaker based in Zurich.
In this kind of painting.
In this type.
In this incredible wine.
Under this pair of Allen Edmonds.
In this Lacoste polka dot polo from Beauty&Youth.
Around your neck with this bandana.
On this old swing.
In this go to hell pant.
In this Mamiya camera.
In this vintage Rolex ad.
In this painting from Magritte owned by Jeff Koons.

4 commentaires:

  1. La souf:
    Sure the bon marché photo!

  2. and on the berger allemand !

  3. C'etait PAR ellen von unworth, pas une photo d'elle. Le mec est Vincent Cassel; la fille, l'incroyable Monica Bellucci.

  4. Ellen Von UnwErth pas von UnwOrth, quitte à corriger des futilités...