février 04, 2010

In small injuries.
Not in digital Leica.
On the face of Sir Edmund Hillary.
In the Burberry trench forever.
In redhead girl again.
In this towel made by Pettibon.
In this artwork of Aurel Schmidt.
In one and only one christmas knit in your wardrobe.
In this suit designed by Adam Kimmel.
Around the fog.
In Technics turntable forever.
In disobedient dogs.
In this fun shirt from Opening Ceremony.
In bared shoulders.

2 commentaires:

  1. like honey. keep it up.

    p.s. www.moradphoto.com

    p.p.s. www.holyghostzine.blogspot.com

  2. Wonderful portfolio Mr Bouchakour, could you send me your email on whereisthecool.gmail.com ?