janvier 11, 2010

In this voyage by waste twice fishing hood.
Still in this haircut.
In this american wildlife map.
On this vintage Lamborghini Countach.
In the classic well designed furnitures forever.
In the glasses of Jean-Claude Killy.
In hair gel.
Under this hat.
In "bling-bling" stuff again.
In these three guys.
Not in the bike but on the bike.
On this flask.
In this type.
In this smorebrod of Adam Aaman Christensen.
On this stairs.

3 commentaires:

  1. Hey !
    Where does the poster with classic furnitures come from ?
    good job, bonne continuation :)

  2. Sorry, in my big accumulation of pictures, I really can't copyright everything or remember where all that things come from. Sorry again...