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Affichage des articles dont le libellé est french cancan. Afficher tous les articles

décembre 19, 2013

What is the best way to interview people that I admire on Whereisthecool?
Ask them to make a post.
My first guest is my dear friend Arnaud Bauville, the man behind 
the excellent blog French Cancan.
Mr FCC is one of my rare style mentors thanks to his incredible collection and his generosity.
He's a real encyclopedia when you talk with him about vintage, japanese brands, music 
and clothing culture in general.
Here is his selection.

In the patina of this denim chore jacket.

In my brain when I listen my favorite Chet's record.

 In this little plastic man with beard and blue eyes.

In the style of my dapper Grand-Father.

In this box.

In Pietro Sedda's tattoos.

In this VW when I will drive it next summer with my family.

In this Chimayo design.

In Frida when she smoked like a man.

In this old fashion movie.

On papa's head.

Surely not in magazines who tells me what should I read, what should I listen…

In Mister Freedom clothes forever and ever.

In Oum Kalsoum smile and glasses.

 In this antique Nô Mask.

In my best Buddy Lee.

Nowhere with fake rebels.

In Beckmann's painting.

Everywhere in few days at the 48 rue vieille du temple 75004 Paris.

février 07, 2013

On the tag of this Himel Bros A1 Heron leather jacket (sorry for the obsession).
On these concert tickets.
In this work of Berndnaut Smilde.
In this team picture.
In this vintage bottle opener.
Near these ugly bags.
In this Wolverine kit.
In these pair of original 40's navy shoes available here.
In this picture.
On this scarf.
On their shoulders.
In this three buttons cashmere jacket available here.
In colored hair.
In these different patterns.
Still on this shoes.

octobre 04, 2012

In this picture shot by Ilina Vicktoria.

On the floor only.

Above your head with this umbrella.

On this button.

In this linen coat without collar.

In this leather bag available here.

On these indigo hands.

On the left but also on the right.

In miss Casta, I really don't understand why...

Near this boy.

In this pair of sneakers girls.

In this old french farmer trousers "maquignon" found on The Vintage Catalogue.

On this album cover.

In simple sketches sometimes.

In this kind of light.